We’ve been hearing from BCGEU members from around BC who want to get more informed and involved before they vote on May 9. They want to make sure that their voices are heard, and that the issues important to them are part of the discussion.

As a first step towards helping ensure our members’ voices are heard, we surveyed hundreds of BCGEU activists to find out which election issues were important to them. The results were clear – there are five issues that will determine how BCGEU members will vote on May 9th– and they are:

1.       Health and Seniors’ Care

2.       Government Accountability

3.       Affordability

4.       Environment

5.       Poverty and Homelessness

During the next few weeks we’ll work to provide BCGEU members like you with information on these issues, as well as conducting some follow-up polls to dig deeper into some of these issues. We’ll also be working to remind all BCGEU members of the importance of voting on May 9.

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