Your top issues - Ranked!

Voting is one of the most important things we do. How we vote determines our government for the next four years which affects everything. It decides what kind of home we can afford, the kind of healthcare we get, and whether or not we will get a raise this year at work.

That's why we launched this site - to let politicians know what we want from our government.

We know that during election time, politicians pay close attention to what the public wants. As a 73,000 member strong union the voice of our membership will be particularly important to those that want our votes. 

This site is a place for members to have their say, to find out more about top issues, and to register to vote.

Over the past few months we have asked members about their top priorities and concerns heading into the May 9th provincial election and five issues have surfaced as top of mind.

Once the election was called, we asked you to rank them, and this is what you said.

Which issue will determine how you vote this election?


Over the coming weeks everyone who answers the survey will get a followup survey asking questions about specific ideas in each issue area, so keep an eye on your inbox for more ways to have your say.

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